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Backstreet Boys in ERGO ARENA

The Ergo Arena Hall concuered by the Greate Five 
Almost 7 000  fans attended BSB concert in Ergo Arena located on the borderline of Gdańsk and Sopot.
At Trójmiasto appeared people who have alreday had the possibility to watch the concert in Warsaw, as well as those for whom it was a „first time meeting“ with the legendary boysband on this years tour. 
As it was shown in Poland, present BSB concert tour is at great popularity . The show at Torwar Hall was at full house attendance and also this time concert at Ergo Arena was at great interest.
Both concerts gathered over 15 000 people. It is a succes at huge scale.
By  the time we were encouraging the band to perform in Poland after such a  long break, some of us were having doubts if this will turn out be a succesfull project. 
- Althougt we have planned just one concert, we luckilly managed to arranged two – said Mateusz Pawlicki, from Presige MJM - agency who was responsilbe for the organization of the BSB concert in Ergo Arena in cooperation with Radio Złote Przeboje.
- As clearly observed, the polish audience still wants to see dancing and singing male artists. Boysbands are still at high interest level in our country and BSB is a real legend of its kind. It is easy to understand that also this time they have managed to attact huge crowds to the show – said Aleksanda Szatan from Polska The Times.
Female fans of Nick, Kevin, Brian, Howie and A.J arrived at Ergo Arena already in the early morning hours. They were perfectly prepaired for the meetig with their favourites. Special hearts shaped banners with signs: "Call me Nick", "I Love You Bryan" and also polish flags with BSB accenst were visible at every step.
The band gave an unforgettable show in return, as well as they did before at Torwar Hall.
The concert began in a sharp style. Singers ran out on the stage accompanied by thunderous applause. After few songs some pieces of female underware appeared on the stage.  Female fans prepared also special heart shaped baloons. BSB quickly managed to get in  touch with the audience. They were very gratefull for the prepared banners and were strongly encouraging people to create a special atmosphere.
That is why during the song "Breathe" each single fan raised his flashing mobile phone up. That time Ergo Arena was full of energetic and also more special, touching moments. Just before the acustic set, BSB payed "We've got it going on" wchich was their first world wide famous hit. During the concert we could have listened to a large number of great hits, such as "As long as you love me", "Show me the meaning", "Shape of my hearth", "I want it that way" and "Everybody". 
- It was an real american show performed in a great style – added Marek Kurzawa from Prestige MJM.
In the capital city of Poland musicans performed alltogether 23 songs and also at this time in Gdańsk they have served their fans the same  amount of their greatest hits.
They have promised to come back to Poland soon – Preferably next year . This time you won't have to wait such a long time! – announced Nick Carter from Backstreet Boys.
Concert tour of BSB continues. The band have already performed  over 100 concerts and the tickets were sold out for most of them. Musicans are not willing to slow down. They are planning to give some more of their wonderfull shows in November. This time in USA.


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